Shooter lanes are subject to a lot of wear and embedded black pinball dust that we cannot always sand out before clearcoating. Natural wood in the art design also can wear and look bad. We try to preserve the original wood finish whenever possible but sometimes we have to simulate woodgrain and paint shooter lanes to cover damage. Here are a few pictures to demonstrate the different looks we have done.

Repainted shooter lane on a Data East Star Wars
Simulated woodgrain with no shooter arrow on a Gottlieb Subway. On this playfield we retained the original wood finish in the flipper area above the red lines but matched it below in the apron area.
This CFTBL had “sunburn” on all the unpainted areas. Since none of this is seen in an assembled game, we can leave it, repaint it a solid color or simulate the woodgrain and cover it. What we do is dependent on how much wood is exposed and customer preference.